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Prepare documents below :

1.certified copy of valid passport     1  set

2.certified copy of page last stamp Thai visa or document used to work or reside in Thailand or The letter from Embassy to show that you are in request process to visa   1  set

3 your picture size 1 or 2 inch  =   2  pic.(no wear the glasses)

4.write in application form(Down load from the first page of our website)

5.The original fingerprint 2 set (Taken by The Thai police PCC at Bangkok by our contact only because in case of you stay in Thailand now you need to take fingerprint by Thai police PCC in Bangkok only ,they will not accept the fingerprint from the local police in Thailand except you stay abroad can take by the local police in your country or Thai Consulate and Thai Embassy)



                          1.send all documents by Postal service to address : Miss Yonlaphat Phiphatphanuchai 

44/54 Moo 5, Delight village ,Tambol Salaklang ,Ampher Bangkruai ,Nonthaburi Province  11130,Thailand             Mobile: +66(0)98 254 8666 ,+66(0)95 249 6524 with inform your address and telephone number to contact.

                          2. sent cost to process  when we confirm your documents complete.

                          3.when work finished we will be send your certificate to you Via EMS and inform tracking number to follow your status.

                 will be finished about 1-2 weeks and including time delivery post EMS  about    1-2 days except the person who have a criminal record need time and documents with cost to increase)

                                 cost for service  4,500 Thai Baht (not including fee money transfer  but including cost delivery EMS already )

                         ***(this price for send back to address in Thailand only)                          

Note: in case of you had a criminal record check before ,you need inform us before start process and you must send documents addition from below :

  1.copy of the Judgment of the court

  2.certification of the case from the court

 and this case have increase cost for process about 2,500 THB and time for work longer than normal case



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