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6.Service to obtain Thai police crime record for use in Thailand department

getFor persons who is Non Thai nationality Request a criminal record certificate From the criminal record department  for purposes such as
1. To apply for a job in Thailand Or apply for government service department
2. To check the history of employees of various companies / stores
3. To apply for a driver's license (public) with the Department of Land Transport
4. To apply for security job applications in Thailand
5. To apply for a teacher at school/university in Thailand
Please inform the purpose of requesting a criminal record certificate. In order to know whether to apply for a background check with fingerprints Or request to check with name-surname (Fast service and fast process and get it faster than normal)
Cost service : 1,000 THB per certificate/person 
Time process : 3 working days will get the certificate
1.discuss and send all form/ prepare the complete your documents then check list by email.
2.transfer cost to make on process and let we know your payment.
3.Make appointment to our officer in order to meeting at the loyal Thai police head-quarter, Pathumwan near Siam-square or near area location.
4.prepare all complete documents and check list issue then see the police officer to make on process (by private service faster than normal case )
5.wait to get the Thai police background check about 2-3 working days.
Contact for details Tel. 02-065-1115
Mobile contact : 084-692-4289  Khun Beam
Mobile contact : 084-639-8245  Khun Kris
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