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6.Service to obtain Thai police crime record for use in Thailand department

For persons who is Non Thai nationality Request a criminal record certificate From the criminal record department  for purposes such as

1. To apply for a job in Thailand Or apply for government service department

2. To check the history of employees of various companies / stores

3. To apply for a driver's license (public) with the Department of Land Transport

4. To apply for security job applications in Thailand
5. To apply for a teacher at school/university in Thailand

Please inform the purpose of requesting a criminal record certificate. In order to know whether to apply for a background check with fingerprints Or request to check with name-surname
(Fast service and fast process ans get it faster than normal)

Contact for details Tel. 02-065-1115,

Mobile 084-692-4289 Khun Beam

Mobile 084-639-8245 Khun Kris
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